Ted Moore Knives

About Ted Moore

(Ted Moore) I made my first knife in 1986 when my wife's brother was graduating from high school. I liked it so much that I started making knives for other friends and relatives. I wasn't satisfied with just making fixed blades. I wanted to make folders. I purchased the book "How to Make Folding Knives" by Ron Lake, Frank Centofane, and Wayne Clay. I read the book several times. I took what I learned from the book and combined it with my skills as a model maker for the electronics industry and began producing folders.

As a model maker for the electronics industry, I typically prototype solderless connectors for use in computers, aerospace, and communications. The detail required to perform these tasks translated well to making folding knives, as I use tolerances of + or - .0002 of an inch. For reference, the human hair is .003 of an inch in diameter. This attention to detail and careful control of tolerances allow me to create folders that work like the movement of a fine jeweled watch.